Raven Rock Gallery, is a crystal shop, art gallery and gift shop all rolled into one. We are located in Coombs, on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, is a culmination of a lifetime spent in appreciation of and collecting fine art and rare books and manuscripts. During my 25 years as magazine editor, I was immersed in the music, film and art culture scene, where I developed an appreciation of the rigors, the joy and the toil it takes to be a successful independent artist here on Vancouver Island. Over the last five years, after a decent career in the arts and entertainment magazine industry, I've explored, prospected, researched and studied many unique geologic formations on the Southern portion of Vancouver Island, specifically, the Cowichan Valley and northward to Courtenay. I try to maintain a decent selection of crystals and minerals from Vancouver Island, as well as specimens from around the globe. 

Where photographers, artisans and artists are concerned, I look forward to displaying interesting and compelling work from some of our best local  creative minds, including Mermaid Photographer, Susan Knight; BC coastal landscape painter, Jenny O'Donnel; up and coming contemporary fine artist, Selena Unger (Sal Paradise); Ornithologist and accomplished bird photographer, Mike Yip; and others. Follow us for regular updates, interesting pics and cool stories