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Trish Tweney/ Dyed Happy Tie-Dye Designs

Intricate Eye-Catching Tie-Dye Clothing and Accessories, from Lake Cowichan, BC

It's not so much a case of "bring back the tye-dye fashion", but more properly that it never really went anywhere. The fashion savvy and trendsetting types have been quietly towing the line waiting for an inspired mind to grapple with things like relevance and aestheticism in the tye-dye underground. Until now. Dyed Happy is the brain-child of Trish Tweney, a Lake Cowichan designer who has found a unique method for creating tye-dye t-shirts, skirts, hippie cloths, and accessories that are entirely eye-catching and look tres fashion forward. Nicely done, Madame Tweney. 


We've posted a few pics for you to check out and will have items listed in our online catalogue soon. Please check back for regular updates. 


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