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Crystal Praddy is from Hawaii, and a resident of Parksville, British Columbia. Her vibrant and colourful sea creature portraits are striking to behold - especially the Wolf Eel, which is one of our personal favourites. Crystal says she was inspired to paint the Wolf Eel after she discovered they are monogamous and indeed mate for life. We currently maintain an excellent selection of Crystals work...  (click image for more work from this artist)


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Michael Chamberlin is a Vancouver Island Stone carver currently working with beautiful Brazilian soapstone. His style is Pacific Northwest wilderness and his carvings very much emulate the creature he is honouring. 

His work is very striking and must really be seen in person. We presently have two pieces from Michael on display in the gallery.  (click image for more work from this artist)

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Michael McNutt hails from Denman Island, in the southern British Columbia Archipelago just off the coast of Vancouver Island. He is a metal sculptor with a unique vision to his craft. We have several pieces from Michael on display in the gallery presently. Drop by for a look.  (click image for more work from this artist)

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Susan is a Biologist, photographer, dive/snorkeling instructor and naturalist guide, as well as a Set Dresser for the movie industry in Vancouver. She is widely known as the Mermaid Photographer, for her under water photo portraits of mermaids and her conceptual work as well. Check back for updates as we post new work from Susan on the site.  (click image for more work from this artist)

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Selena Unger is a talented young artist and student of the fine arts, making waves with her portrait work and conceptual paintings, most notable is her study of Dante Rosetti's Garden of Proserpine. She is also a children's book illustrator. (Click the image at left to view or purchase work from Selena.)



Kelly is an experimental photographer from Campbell River, BC. Contrast, deep blacks and fat colours, that's what Kelly says defines his basic style when describing his work. Portraiture thats is thick and palpable. Check out some of Kelly's portraits, astrophotography, dance photography & star trail work in gallery and on our website.