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Eightfist - A Card Game with Grit!

We are presently selling the first 75 prototype editions of the official Eightfist card game game deck. To celebrate our upcoming launch, in January, 2021, we decided to design a limited edition Collector’s Issue of 75 Eightfist games, and including an custom t-shirt with cool game graphics. We also hope you feel compelled to share your customer feedback after you discover its general awesomeness, as we move forward in developing the game of Eightfist. As such, we are including a Feedback Form here (below), in hopes you feel open to sharing your Eightfist experience.

All-in-all, we’re especially pleased you’ve decided to purchase your first Eightfist card deck from us directly. Creating the game is one thing, but it’s nothing without those who play it. After all, we created the game with you in mind, to share in some of the awesomeness and connectivity the game has brought for our friends and us. In fact, it was after much cajoling from family and friends, whom we shared our creation with in the early going, and who subsequently would call at all times of the day and night for clarification on rules and game play, that we’ve decided to do just that.

Presently, the Eightfist card game can be purchased here on our website, and at select stores in British Columbia, specifically on Vancouver Island and in the Lower Mainland. A list of stores and links to their websites will be posted soon. Visit www.eightfist.com