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Dean Unger

Stone Carver, Photographer, Author

Raven Rock proprietor, Dean Unger, is a former magazine editor and investigative photo-journalist,  who now applies himself fully to his artistic endeavors, which include wilderness and art photography from Vancouver Island, stone carving and game design. Unger's two novels, A Garden of Thieves, and Blessed Be The Bones, were published in combined volume last year to excellent result. 


After a twenty-five year career in the magazine and publishing industry, Dean took up prospecting in the Cowichan Valley, during which time he became re-acquainted  with his love for the fine points of light as they relate to photography. "I managed to capture some pretty rare and unique moments out there in the mountains, sometimes among larger animals and other times, in the microcosm of forest life. Eventually I gathered a gaggle of images that I felt were good enough to be printed." Unger says he managed to work past the nerves that come with putting ones work to the public, to see whether it would be well-received, and pulled the pin, again to favourable effect. "From the time I sold the first canvas and realized hey, people want to hang this in their homes... and in some cases, filled orders for outfitting an entire newly built home, I was hooked. My creative interpretation when looking through the lens and when processing the images later on, began to grow and flourish the more acceptance there was. It was tremendously inspiring." 


Dean's images evoke emotion and tell a story with their subtle narrative which stirs the imagination. In them we see something of ourselves, and which makes us question or appreciate life, or contemplate our place in it, in a way that brings a certain peace. "I look for images that bring light, or hope, or the notion that there is indeed much more to our mundane world than we sometimes care to notice." 




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