Crystals & Mineral Specimens

Raven Rock Gallery is a crystal shop, and art gallery, whilst also dabbling in oddities and collectibles. I started prospecting in the Cowichan Valley five years ago, soon after finding  my first piece of Vancouver Island hematitic Jasper. Since then, I've explored much of the southern island and fell profoundly in love with the unique geologic history of Vancouver Island, which is only just now being newly appreciated for the rich opportunity it presents for study. Raven Rock Gallery, in Coombs, on Vancouver Island, is the culmination of my love of crystals and minerals, as well as my career as author, stone carver, collector of treasures and magazine editor over more than thirty years. 

Some of our present offering were hand came from Crystal Quest, on Yellowpoint rd., in Cedar, Vancouver Island. Some of it came from prospectors and well-supplied and informed rock and mineral shops on the Island here. All have been hand picked; some have been prepared by hand - the Raven Rock Jasper slices and slabs in particular, which were cut and polished by hand... I also keep an selection of Vancouver Island Maelstrom Quartz displayed in the gallery - this is an anomalous quartz druzy and polymorph formation with an excellent refractive index. See our shop catalogue for more detailed listings and photos.