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Signed copies of A Garden of Thieves, vols I & II, and with author's historical notes, Village Lane Press, (2017) , newly published 6th edition now available at Raven Rock and select outlets, including Chapters/Indigo and Amazon. 

Eve Walker, is the first female journalist in Canada. By virtue of time and place, on one of her first excursions under the guise of reporter, she discovers a corpse washed ashore near the pioneer city of Vananda, on Texada Island, BC. After attempts by the Provincial Police to stifle news of the discovery, a man-hunt, led by Sargeant Red Southerland, storms the village of Si-yat-sen, searching for Eli Tomas, the only son of the revered Coast Salish Chief, Israel Tomas. When they return from the hunt, Eli is led by a rope between two horses; his two close friends dead and draped one upon each horse. Eve soon discovers that the wife of the white man who was murdered – Ernie Tsan, is Heidi Tomas, Eli’s sister. Eve tracks Heidi down and, in efforts to prove Eli innocent and save his life, together, the two unravel what would become one of the largest land scandals in Canadian history.

The story is a historical fiction after the Texada Land Scandal, perpetrated by owner and founder of the British Colonist newspaper, in Victoria, and one time BC Premier, Amor De Cosmos. Actual events unfolded c.1861 – 1874, whereby De Cosmos attempted to “steal” the land out from under the First Nations, and the pioneers, and sell the entire island, mineral rights inclusive, to business interests in Great Britain. 

6" x 9", 418 pages, 

pictorial soft cover.

Sixth edition, 2021

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